At Lucky Doggy Pet Resort, our first priority for your pet is safety. The following requirements will ensure that your pet have the safest and most comfortable stay possible.

All pets must be healthy and free of any contagious illnesses.

If your pet is exhibiting any symptoms that may infect our other guests, please do not bring your pet to us.

All pets must have proof of current vaccinations.

You must submit them to us prior to visit.

All pets must be on an active flea and tick prevention program from the month of April until the end of September.

Talk to your vet and be sure to have treatment prior to visit.

Puppies/kittens must be 16 weeks of age to board and have had all 3 sets of puppy/kitten vaccinations.
We do not accept unspayed female pets who are in heat. Daycare guests must be spayed or neutered if they are over six months of age.
We do not accept pets with any behavioral aggression issues towards people.
Please keep your pet on a leash or in a crate at all times while entering or exiting the building.

Vaccinations Requirements
Rabies Rabies
Distemper Rhinotracheitis
Parvovirus Calicivirus
Bordatella (kennel cough) Panleukopenia


All vaccinations must be done prior to boarding.